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    Guido Brockmann Guest

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    Hi<BR><BR>I got the answer to the question I asked below. I was not thinking straight....Now I have the next question.<BR><BR>I have a price value stored in the first compartment, and the "article" designation in the second compartment so each cell looks like this now<BR><BR>LCR(1,1) has the price LCR(1,2) the article etc.etc.<BR><BR>How can I get them sorted in ascending order -sorted on price- so I can pass them on to a charting routine and only show the first five records ? And would it be possible to get the highest value as well.<BR><BR>Any ideas welcome<BR><BR>G

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    There is an article on 4guys that gives you the code to search a one and a two dimension array. Just do a search on Sorting, and you should come up with it.

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    Guido Brockmann Guest

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    Silly me. I have got no idea how much stuff I downloaded, read etc. on this problem, that I forgot about that article (that I downloaded as well).<BR><BR>TX a lot for reminding me<BR><BR>G

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