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    ...My left column (menu) frame contains a table with menu items in it. My problem is this: can I guaruntee the width of the table, so the dynamically generated menu items (ASP) don&#039t create a horizontal scroll situation. Right now, if a cell contains data that is too long, the cell gets "stretched" and so does the table. To see the entire menu item, the user has to use the horizontal scroll of that frame. How can I resolve this? Is there a way to make sure the table size is limited?

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    If you set a fixed width for the table it won&#039t stretch unless you put something into it that the browser can&#039t resize. Like a really long word or an image that is larger than the table. There is no way around that.

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    Mark Guest

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    Thanks. I think that was my problem (I added a line _______ in a cell and expected it to break).

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