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    I have a page that inserts a record on the many side of a relationship. I then open another page which displays data from both sides. The data from the many side is displayed in a loop. All works OK except.<BR>Sometimes I add a record to the many side and, when I look at the next page, the record is not showing. Check the database - the record has definitely been added. Click Refresh - it appears! I have response.expires=0 at the top of the page but for some reason the browser will not display the &#039latest&#039 data until I click the Refresh button. As I say this only happens sometimes. Any ideas?

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    What browser are you using? I&#039ve had trouble with IE5 refreshing when using Response.Expires = 0.<BR><BR>What seems to work with all browsers, even IE5, is:<BR>Response.ExpiresAbsolute = Now() - 1<BR><BR>Which says, literally, "Expire 1 day ago..."<BR><BR>:)

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    Thanks for your reply. I am using IE4 which is a bit worrying if you have only had the problem in IE5.

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