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    Zack Jones Guest

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    Greetings,<BR><BR>I&#039m looking for any side-by-side comparisons of ASP+ to Cold Fusion. I&#039m part of the let&#039s do it in ASP/ASP+ crowd and I&#039m trying to convince the Cold Fusion crowd to see the light.<BR><BR>Any tips would be greatly apprecaited.<BR><BR>Take Care,<BR>Zack Jones<BR>

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    Joel Mueller Guest

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    Well, I quit Team Allaire because of ASP+, but I&#039ve come to the conclusion that it takes too much energy to try changing the mind of a hardcore CF fanatic. They&#039ll figure out how much better ASP+ is, or they won&#039t. If they don&#039t, it&#039s their loss...

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    Rob Guest

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    Trying to change these people minds is a waste of time. If the fact that what is being done now in 300 lines of code will soon be done in 30 lines of code is not enough then nothing will change them. But next year at this time when the entire Ecommerce world is using ASP+ and Cold Fusion, Perl, JSP, and other semi popular Ecommerce techs are extinct you can say I told you so.<BR><BR>Sen the, to and have them look these applications over. Have them compare them to what they are writing no. And tell more are on the way soon when I get more time.<BR><BR>Bottom line - people hanging on the to the old to avoid learning the new will pay dearly.

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    I&#039m guessing that you are a programmer and they do the graphics and layout.<BR>For a developer/programmer, there should be no contest (excepting the "why learn a new tool" argument)

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