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    hello guys<BR>i have to develop an e-commerce appliation.. and for that i need A to Z details of credit card validation process... can any one give me links or resources...<BR>or <BR>if any of u have a complete documeted details kindly email it to my mailing address<BR> <BR><BR>thanx

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    No problem, just send me the requirements and I will code it for you. <BR>On second thought, why don&#039t you do some research and figure it out!!!

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    Jeez, give the guy a break. I&#039m not exactly know for my tactfulness when people come in asking for the earth but that&#039s a bit over the score. All he was asking was if anyone had this info to hand or could recommend a good place to look.<BR><BR>Anyway, back to the question...<BR><BR>It really depends on what level of validation you need to do. The simplist option is to check that the credit card number is valid according to it&#039s checksum. I do have an ASP script kicking around that does this, but I can&#039t guarantee it works - I grabbed it from a post on this forum on the basis that it was sure to come in handy (thanx Balletchick). I&#039ll email this to you if you want it.<BR><BR>However, that isn&#039t really very secure because it doesn&#039t check to make sure that the card number matches any of the details, if the card has been stopped, or even if a card with this number has ever been issued. To get that level of validation you&#039ll need to use a 3rd party component of some kind. Have a look at - there should be something there to suit you.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    hello<BR>Dunc thanks for that help and those supportive sentences that u right there for me :) i think u remember my name... u have been helping me on this forum... and your responses were always be very helpful for me...<BR>any way take my email address<BR><BR><BR>thanx again<BR>waiting for your reply<BR>bye<BR><BR>

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    You can check -- They&#039ll walk you through the entire process, and even help set up a merchant account (BTW -- you&#039ll need SSL anyways if you&#039re going to accept credit cards)<BR><BR>Like Dunc said, you can use the Luhn formula, but that only checks to see if the cc is a valid number -- which, btw, you can beat it with 414 and 513. I have a Javascript function if you need it, or you can find an involved one at

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