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    Is it possible to get infomation from other web pages.<BR>Let´s say i wanted to get wind information from my local airport web pages. The wind data comes up on a specific URL´s html page. No dynamic page, only a basic html page.<BR><BR>Can i use ASP to grab infomation from that page into a variable an cut out the infomation i want (Like wind speed and direction)<BR>And prosess it in a ASP script?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>If anyone is curious what i want it for:<BR><BR>I fly RC Sail planes on hills with wind to get lift.<BR>Hill &#060;-Wind (Gets lift when i fly on the edge)<BR>I want to make a ASP application on my homepage which can give me a map over flying areas and where the best winds are acording to the hill´s angel.<BR>I think a can manage the code for this, but not how to get the data to my page.<BR><BR>Eivind<BR>

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    Yes you can!<BR><BR>You need to use a component like AspHTTP. It&#039s a shareware component and can be downloaded from<BR>This component can save the page on your own server. After that you can read it as textfile.

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