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    Alan Woods Guest

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    I am trying to take an input from a memo field and then store it to a database and then display it again as a block of text. The problem is that it is all being lumped together into one big paragraph. Do i need to store it as rich text or even HTML? HELP!!!!<BR>

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    Joel M Guest

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    My first guess at this problem is that you&#039re displaying this in an ASP page.... that&#039s why it&#039s klumping together.... put &#060;pre&#062; tags around the block of text so that it get&#039s displayed the same way it&#039s inputted....<BR><BR>if that&#039s not the issue... then make sure that the datatype of the field [in Access] is memo... or Varchar [in SQL Server]<BR><BR>that should do the trick<BR>Joel M<BR>

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