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    Can I use classes as properties of other classes?<BR><BR>For example if I have a Wheel class, can I expose this as a <BR>property of my bike class?<BR><BR>class bike<BR> public frontwheel<BR> public backwheel<BR>end class<BR><BR>How do I type these properties as wheels? is this something that needs to be exposed through a get/set pair ?<BR><BR>If anyone can point be at a slightly more complex example of class/object coding in VBscript than the normal Car with a colour, accelerate brake etc. methods it would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Thx in advance.

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    Youre talking about inheritance buddy. that unfortunately is not possible at this point. with the advent of VB7 though, y our luck will change. ASP+ will use VB instead of VBScript, and with VB7 they just added inheritance and a couple of new features to the language that&#039ll put it right up there with C++

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