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    why does the second image show and not the first ? i&#039ve checked the gif exists. help please<BR><BR>&#060;BODY&#062;<BR>&#060;img align="center" src="http://demo1/sms/images/logo.gif"&#062;<BR>&#060;img align="center" src="d:graphicslogo.gif"&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;/BODY&#062;

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    If the browser can find it when you put the "http://demo1/sms/images/logo.gif" in the address bar, then yes, it exists. Otherwise I suspect that the demo1 web server has it&#039s root somewhere other than what you think?<BR><BR>And btw, if you plan to use that html on anything but you own machine hardcoded paths like "d:.." are not going to work.<BR><BR>/Chrace

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    Because the second one is a file on your computer (denoted by the slashes) while the other one is held on a web server hence the / slashes. You need to change the SRC of the second image to be a relative link rather than a hard coded one. E.g &#060;img align="center" src="logo.gif&#062; this would work if the logo.gif were in the same directory as the html page. or &#060;img align="center" src="/images/logo.gif&#062; would mean it would work if logo.gif was in a folder called images.

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