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    cheril Guest

    Default search module

    I want to keep a search option on the default page of my site, so that when the user types in something in the textbox a matching result of the search should be found in the other pages of my site example I have a sports page in my site so in the search bo If i type "tennis" it should give me the url of that page on my site which has the word tennis. in simple words please tell me how to make a search module or please give me a site or url where i can download the code of search module.Thank u for reading.

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    AV8R Guest

    Default RE: search module

    If you want quite a simple search engine, you could take a look at They have included the code for the search engine that they use. It is quite basic, but you can do some mods to make it a little better/more user friendly.

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    cheril Guest

    Default RE: search module

    pl could u tell me where in 4guysfromrolla I can get the code of the search engine. Thank u again

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    AV8R Guest

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    This should help:<BR>

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