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    Daybreak Guest

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    Hi, I&#039ve got a question about making a good chat by using ASP.<BR><BR>So far I&#039ve done a chat that asks the user a username and the password (they&#039re both stored in a Database). When the user log on the username and the time of entrance is stored in an application variable called "Users".<BR><BR>The real problem starts here, how do I make that if the user don&#039t write something into the chat for 3 minutes he must be removed from the users list? I can make a "logout" button that deletes the username but it wouldn&#039t be enough.<BR><BR>Anybody can help me?

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    Chrace Guest

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    If you can live with it he is by default (IIS) removed after 20 minutes. Otherwise the session var timeout can be set up in IIS.<BR><BR>Otherwise you can use 2 other versions as well.<BR>- JavaScript that changes a hidden field or updates the page with a logout parameter<BR>- &#060;meta http-equiv="refresh" content="180;url=logout.asp?user=chrace"&#062;<BR> <BR>Both of requires that he leaves the keyboard of course. If he surfs on to other sites and returns with same browser session within the 20 minutes then only the IIS setup works.<BR><BR>/Chrace

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    David Geran Guest

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    You can reduce the default Server.Timeout value to 3 minutes...

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    You could Store the user name and the time in a cookie then on your refresh page check the current time against the cookie time and if it has been 3 minutes redirect the page to a logoff script page <BR><BR>everytime the user send a submission just update the cookie time

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