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    I want to go to a web page which is located on different server alltogether. whenever I click a link or a submit button, I am calling a intermediate file which stores the necessary values in cookie and then redirects to another server. I want some of my variables to be stored in cookies and access those variables in the file which is located on the other server.I am redirecting to another server using "Response.Redirect". <BR>Is there some better solution than use of cookies. I don&#039t want to pass the variables using the Querystring. So is cookies the only option? If anybody knows the solution then his suggetions would be of much help to me. Please get back at your earnest. <BR>Please reply me back on

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    may have mis-read the question, but you can&#039t set a cookie in the same script as a respone.redirect. it&#039s not compatible with the http spec.<BR><BR>j

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