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    Woody McKay Guest

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    Hello all, I trying to collect ideas on how to store MS Word docs giving web clients the ability to open them in Word, edit the document, and save them back on the server. The easy part is storing and serving them up to clients. The hard part is creating an easy way for clients to save them back to the server (without doing a local save and file upload). Any ideas???<BR><BR>TIA,<BR><BR>Woody McKay<BR>

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    PratQ Guest

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    Microsoft has been working on Collaberation technology to do just what you are describing. Of course how you do what you want to do depends on the platform of the client and the server and the security required. The below links describe doing what you want with Office 2k but I was doing something similar years ago with the upload wizards (although it was a few more steps for the user). Take a look at the following links.<BR><BR><BR>

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