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    How do I decide whether to upgrade my asp site from MS Access Database to SQL Server . I have created the site with MS Access, although it has not gone live yet, and I&#039m worried that it may not be able to cope.

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    The answer depends on what your site does with the DB.<BR>If it is frequently selecting from, inserting and updating, and you want to handle big amounts af data, you would probably be better of with SQL-Server.<BR>If your database size is rather small, and you don&#039t expect many users too work simultanious, you can use Access.<BR><BR>Bart.

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    Access is terrific if you only have between 20 - 30 people access the database at the exact same time. ("Concurrent users")<BR><BR>Access will hold up to approximately 1,000,000 records. <BR><BR>The main thing is if you notice a performance degrade in the either the server or the web site then I would say upgrade.

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    Access can handle most small sites out there but be sure to setup error checking everytime a connection is made. Then, if there is a connection error, give the user a friendly error and immediately close the connection and set it to nothing. This will save headaches for other things. I did upgrade to SQL server on a site withing the last 6 months and have decided to never go back. There are so many advantages to using SQL server other than just performance and scalability.

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