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    Ok, so now that I have my multiple fields with the same name working, I seem to be having another problem...I keep getting a "Too few paramaters. Expected 1" Error. Now, I&#039ve checked an error website and according to that website, that error means there&#039s an error in the field/tablename in my WHERE or ORDER BY. I have neither. Why am I still getting this error and how can I fix it?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    The website is correct -- it&#039s usually a misspelled field name. But could also be that the database table has been changed by someone or that you&#039re not connecting to the same database anymore, etc, etc. It boils down to a field name being used that doesn&#039t exist in the table/view/etc. I would double and triple check the fields used in the query that fails. Response.Write the query and try it in your query tool.

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    Too few parameters is a general error message telling you that there is something wrong with the sql-syntax.<BR><BR>Best way to get a sollution: post the quey as it is being fed to the database.<BR><BR>Bart.

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    These are all things that happen constantly to cause this error, no matter how sure you think you are that these errors don&#039t exist, go through them all 1 at a time.<BR><BR><BR>1. You mispelled a field name you are pulling from.<BR>2. The Variable being passed to the SELECT statement is not being passed at all.<BR>3. If your variable in the SELECT statement is an integer, you may have the syntax wrong.<BR><BR>These are the main 3 reasons I get that error. If you can&#039t fix it try posting code and labelling what each variable is if any.

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