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    rahul Guest

    Default cookies urgent very very urgent

    i have stored a cookie in the clients machine by vbscript now i want to delete it when the sessio ends how do i do it.<BR><BR>reply pleasssssssssssssssssssssssss<BR><BR>thx in advance

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    pY Guest

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    Since the session ending can be for a lot of reasons, including the user turning off his machine, you cant delete the cookie based upon the server session timeing out. However, just set the expires date of the cookie to a low-limit such as 1 hour, or if you dont mind a lot of roundtrips, just set the cookie timeout to corrispond with the session timeout you have set on the server, and reset the cookie with ever transaction.

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    sniffer Guest

    Default try this

    response.cookie("your_cookie_name")= date - 1

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