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    Duc Guest

    Default Response.Redirect

    Hi I got this error. I know that I need one more line at the header but I for got what it was can you some tell me please.<BR>Header Error <BR><BR>/duc/AccountRequest/default.asp, line 23 <BR><BR>The HTTP headers are already written to the client browser. Any HTTP header modifications must be made before writing page content. <BR><BR>I tried to use Response.Redirect ("url")<BR>Thank,<BR>duc

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Exactlly what it says

    Not much gray area...<BR><BR>Your Response.Redirect should happen before any HTML is written to the browser.. in other words, do your redirect before the &#060;HTML&#062; tag.

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    Default RE: Exactlly what it says

    Can&#039t you flush<BR>the content and then redirect if necessary, or buffer everything until the end of the page? <BR><BR>I thought I read that somewhere. <BR>Go Cardinals..!!

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default I think Vince Tobin needs to learn ASP

    Well, I don&#039t think flush will work, because then you are writing out to the browser. As far as buffering, I&#039m not exactly sure. Nothing is being written, so you could do the redirect. Although I don&#039t know why he just couldn&#039t do it before the &#060;HTML&#062; tag. Probably will solve his problem faster, and not complicate the matter too much.<BR><BR>As if the Pack is doing anything special. Least the Eagles are generating some wins. The Cards are just plain horrible, 2 weeks before we vote for them to get a new stadium??? Ehh. Expect Tobin to be fired today.

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    N Yorke Guest

    Default Heres you answer, easy.

    &#060;%response.buffer=true%&#062;<BR>needs to be added as the very first line to any pages made by any HTML document that mixes redirects and content. That line will do away with all browser complaints that "headers are already sent". Normally a page has a header --or-- text not both.

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    Default Not really

    &#062;Response.Redirect should happen before any HTML is written to the browser<BR><BR>Actualy not necessary<BR>&#060;%response.buffer=true%&#062; will do the trick.<BR><BR>Just buffer everything on the page so NO data is sent to the client untill all the processing is done..that way you can redirect at the end of the page also

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    Default All I can say

    Well,<BR><BR>The Pack didn&#039t lose yesterday. <BR>41 points difference?<BR><BR>I wonder what they are going to do, of course, they have nearly as many injuries as the g&g.<BR><BR>oh boy.<BR>

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