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    I need to open a recordset where I can move forward and backward through the records. When I try to open a recordset with a cursor type of anything other than adopenforward only I receive the following error:<BR><BR>ADODB.Recordset error &#039 800a0bb9&#039 <BR><BR>Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another. <BR><BR>/IntranetAsp/viewmsds.asp, line 90 <BR><BR>The code I&#039m using is:<BR><BR>set conn = server.createobject("adodb.connection")<BR>set rs = server.CreateObject("Adodb.Recordset")<BR>strconn = "Driver={SQL Server};Description=MSDS;SERVER=;UID=;PWD=;DATABAS E=MSDS"<BR> strconn<BR>rs.CursorType=adOpenStatic<BR>rs.Cursor Location=adUseClient<BR>rs.Open strsql, conn<BR><BR>Any help would be grateful<BR>

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    Those settings should work. Are you sure you&#039re include upstream? The constants may not be defined. Try using their values:<BR><BR>strconn = "Driver={SQL Server};Description=MSDS;SERVER=;UID=;PWD=;DATABAS E=MSDS"<BR> strconn<BR>rs.CursorType= 3 &#039adOpenStatic<BR>rs.CursorLocation= 3 &#039adUseClient<BR>rs.Open strsql, conn<BR><BR>

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