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    Jim D. Guest

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    I have selected a bunch of data from an Access db using a rather hairy SQL statement. Now, I need to choose 2 of those records randomly. How do I do this?

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    Chrace Guest

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    Rnd(oRS.Recordcount) would do the trick..<BR><BR>Not gonna write it all, but Rnd the amount found and round into an integer. Do it again - if it is the same record (and recordcount &#062; 1) then Rnd again so you get 2 different positions.<BR><BR>Then use a:<BR>i = 0<BR>While not oRS.EOF<BR>i = i + 1<BR>If i = randomvar1 or i = randomvar2 Then<BR>response.write whatever you need<BR>End If<BR>Wend<BR><BR>Semi-pseudo-something-code..but the idea should work. :)<BR><BR>/Chrace

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    Selecting random records is covered by SEVERAL articles on this website (4guysfromrolla.com) as well as the other major ASP sites.<BR><BR>If you have already created a SELECT and want to obtain random recs from THAT resultset, why not retrieve the rows for that SQL statement using GETROWS, and then simply generate 2 random numbers between 0 and the ubound of the GETROWS array, and those would be your two recs?

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    Jim D. Guest

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