What is ASPwizard1.1b<BR>ASPWizard is an application that will generate ASP code on the fly. It is a very straightforward application, and there is a help file that can be accessed by pressing (F1) at any time, which is extremely useful.<BR><BR>In simple words, we select a DATABASE &#062;&#062; TABLE &#062;&#062; FIELDS, then lastly we run one of the wizards that will produce the code. <BR><BR>I recommend my tool to generate the type of code that gets repeated, again and again, and also for new users that wants to create basic projects as there is comments all through the code. <BR><BR>But beware my tool is not any learning tool of any kind, so I recommend that once when you generate a project you would go through and understand it, also make your own comments if needed. You should also read some books, there are many out there, and maybe find ways to improve the code you just have generated.<BR><BR>Who is it for<BR>This tool is for users that never done ASP code or for developers that are doing the same code all over again.<BR><BR>How much is it<BR>This version is FREE, I will wait for your comments (feedback), and for any bugs you may came across.<BR><BR>ASPWizard<BR>webmaster@aspwizard.co .uk<BR>http://www.aspwizard.co.uk<BR>