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    danscan Guest

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    Does anyone know why code would work in Personal web server but not on a web server. I thought it was a rights issue but the add and delete functions work correctly. Its a 500 internal server error. <BR>My code is at home so I can not put it up yet.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Dan

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    Chrace Guest

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    500 is Internal Server Error, normally made by failed service.<BR><BR>Normal problems when moving code is Access vs SQL Server, but I haven&#039t seen that give a 500 error before. Try debug a little and get close to the problem. Also make sure the server is running correctly.<BR><BR>/Chrace

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    danscan Guest

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    I have the hosting service look on there end. I am only using access but I can not get to run on the web server. It works fine on personal web server. Have you ever had something that works on pws and not in the real world.(i have had things not work on pws and work on the web server though)<BR><BR>thanks for any help<BR>dan

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