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    How do I pass a variable from the client side to the server side? I can pass them the other way clientVar=<%=serverVar%> and tried doing the same (well similar anyway!) to go the other way but to no me obi my only hope!

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Store the values in hidden fields<BR><BR>&#060;Input type="hidden" name="MyField"&#062;<BR><BR>then the server side can do a request.form("MyField") to retrieve them.

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    Chrace Guest

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    ..or just use Response.write("&#060;a href=""asppage.asp?parameter1=" & parm1 & "&parameter2=" & parm2 & """&#062;" from the asp.<BR><BR>This does not require a form to be sent which can be nice in f.ex. clientside JavaScripts.<BR><BR>/Chrace

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