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    Default Rack ur brains!!! need some string matching algori

    We have a requirement to automate the process of checking if<BR>a new customer exists in the Denied Party List(DPL). This list is published by the US govt twice a month and any company doing<BR>business with them faces legal action, with risk of the company losing all its business , not to mention facing a whole bunch of lawsuits, in the United States Of America!!<BR><BR>here are the criteria for an automated system:<BR><BR>AUTOMATED NAME SCREENING STANDARDS <BR><BR>1.The name comparison functionality would provide both perfect-match and near-match result options for human assessment and reconciliation. Illustrations of the comparison functionalities or "standards" for such a program would include routines to accommodate:<BR>a) "Soundex-like" comparisons, i.e<BR>..... Bee Corp<BR>..... Vee Co.<BR>.... Mach II Videos<BR>.... Mach 2 Videeos<BR>b) Common spelling errors and transcription errors, character/word transpositions, missing characters, alpha sort misalignment, leading character switch, i.e.<BR>.... Wien Oil Products<BR>.... Wein Oil Produkts<BR><BR>.... Curbscide Chemicals<BR>.... Curbcide Chemicals<BR><BR>.... Postal Industries<BR>.... Bostal Industries<BR><BR>.... Oy Petrova<BR>.... Petrova Oy<BR><BR><BR>c) Truncation or word missing conditions, i.e.<BR><BR>.... Closeup Powders Incorporated<BR>.... Closeup Powders Inc.<BR><BR>.... Bayside Properties (Pte) Ltd<BR>.... Bayside Properties Ltd.<BR><BR>.... CASSETTE Financial Systems Inc.<BR>.... CASSETTE<BR><BR>.... Dr. Herbert Klaus<BR>.... H. Klaus <BR><BR>d) Acronyms, i.e.<BR><BR>.... World Energy Systems Technology Inc <BR>.... WESTI<BR><BR>e) Hierarchical grading, neutralization and editing of common null value terms, standard symbol sets, character spaces, i.e. <BR>.... Clark-Higgins, Inc.<BR>.... Clark Higgins Incorporated<BR><BR>.... Andrew Straat/ Pty. Ltd.<BR>.... Andrewstraat Ltd<BR><BR>.... Parsons***Developers<BR>.... Parsons Developers <BR><BR>2. The program would demonstrate a functionality to "tune" or calibrate the core comparison algorithm to increase or decrease the selection criteria values that determine the existence of an exact or near "name match condition". <BR><BR><BR>ANY IDEAS PLEASE?

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    Default Sorry, no project code here..

    Ever thought it sounded a tad big?<BR><BR>"Verity" is a search engine capable of all of what you mention. Would surely be faster, perhaps even cheaper considering development costs these days, to put it as a running app on the server and question it from ASP. Verity is expensive, but I am sure there&#039s others on the market that can do it as well.<BR><BR>Shortly, there&#039s several companies making a very profitable business doing nothing but search engines the like of what you ask for and who has done so for 10 or more years. I might be wrong but I do believe there is a reason for this.<BR><BR>/Chrace

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    There are many fuzzy string comparison algorithms out there that have been published. I have worked with a couple of different ones, but there are MANY out there. I would suggest that you use a search engine to find them. I just did and found several hundred matches, many including source code.<BR><BR>Most of these algorithms work by returning some &#039percentage of confidence&#039 in the match, so you would have to experiment to find the appropriate level of confidence and then - when the algorithm finds a match above whatever that level is, you could redirect that information to a human for further analysis/approval.<BR><BR>

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    Default A big project

    ANY IDEAS PLEASE?<BR><BR>-- yes, learn to program.<BR><BR>

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