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    Iam running an a ASP financial application and one of the link in this app updates to database table and this update takes around 9 minutes(100,000 + rows), this statistics i found out while running on database tool(Desktop DBA). <BR><BR>In my ASP Script iam overriding the Timeout from default 90secs to 700 secs using server.scripttimeout =700, but still my browser timesout after 300 secs. Iam not sure from it is looking at this 300secs option on IIS4.0. <BR><BR>I appreciate if any one can throw some light on this timeout problem <BR><BR>Thanx<BR>Srinivas

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    Hi,<BR>If U r using IE than this will always happen. Cuz IE&#039s timeout overrides ScriptTime out.. In the whole period of 9 mins if U r not sending any data to client, IE&#039s time out occurs but the process continues on the server.<BR>(check out this thing in NetScape, I hope it will work fine)<BR>So the solution is : send some data to browser by Response.write "any thing" while updating. This will keep ur browser connected to server and never timmed out.<BR><BR>write in case of any confusion.<BR><BR><BR>S. Ahsan Ashja<BR>Halcyon Software Inc.<BR>smahsan@super.net.pk

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