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    Hello.<BR>I am new to ASP and would appreciate your help.<BR>Could you tell me, what is the point of having more than ONE form in a page?<BR>And, is it possible to pass the contents of a text box from one FORM to another within the same page?<BR><BR>Thank you in advance

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    hi amy..<BR><BR>sometimes on awebpage u have diff sections which may be asking diff kinds of things...each one havin its own submit button..<BR>and u want to go to diff page dependin on which button user those conditions..we may use more then one form on a page.<BR><BR>yeah u can transfer the contents of one textbox to another bet diff forms on one page<BR><BR>u can try usin<BR><BR> rm2.text1.value<BR><BR>hope i helped you.

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