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    Lynn Maharet Guest

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    Hi all..<BR><BR>I&#039m a novice at Javascript..<BR>how do i set a text box value to an empty one..<BR>I&#039ve tried this but it doesn&#039t works..<BR><BR>bidForm.Other_Cust_Ind.disabled=fal se;<BR>bidForm.Other_Cust_Ind.text.value=null;<BR> bidForm.Other_Cust_Ind.disabled=true;<BR><BR>bidFo rm- name of form<BR>Other_Cust_Ind - name of textbox<BR>the error points to the second line saying tt it<BR>is not an object.<BR><BR>Thanks very much...;)

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    Dan Evans Guest

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    Do you mean just clearing the text in the field? This works fine for me:<BR><BR>myForm.myField.value = "";<BR>OR (if the &#060;input&#062; is not in any form) just<BR>myField.value = "";

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    Lynn Maharet Guest

    Default Thanks it works..

    It works..<BR>thanks a lot...:)

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