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    Kelvin Kinston Guest

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    Hi all, I am a new asp programmer(just started for 6 months). Lately, a client has requested for a site to be done similar to this site Basically the website need to show the basket content on the left side of the main page. I have look through the internet but can&#039t find any similar site done in asp. Most of them are done in jsp. I am just wondering can it be done in asp? If it can be done, where can I find tutorials on the ways to do this kind of website. Please help. I have posted to some other forums with no reply at all. Thanks all, any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Chrace Guest

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    Searching for "asp tutorial shopping" gave me some 10-15 different tutorials on this subject.<BR><BR>Skimmed one, looked ok:<BR><BR>/Chrace

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