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    Hi all,<BR><BR>We are trying to create a script that will produce a pop-up box, in which the user has to enter his/her username and password. ALSO, we would like to include a "REMEMBER MY PASSWORD" selection so that the person does not have to enter their information again, once they log in the first time.<BR><BR>Please forward any suggestions, code samples, or resources to me...my email is below.<BR><BR>Thanks! :)<BR><BR>David - dmspyres@pdq.net<BR>

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    Hello...anyone reading these?? ;-)<BR>

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    Default Why should I do this.

    What would be the point of emailing you that info. Then it would be of no use to other readers of this forum.<BR><BR>Maybe you like us to complete your project for you, send it to you. You claim credit for it and your client pays you big bucks. We have nothing better to do than work for you for free.<BR><BR>Get real! Have a go at solving your problems, look up forums and samples, and ask when you get errors and can&#039t find an answer. Don&#039t ask

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