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    GM Guest

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    Now, I&#039m aware that DSN-less database connections offer significant improvement in performance, but I have been unable to learn anything of it&#039s security.<BR><BR>A few exploits allowing the viewing of pre-interpreted ASP code have already been fixed, but I&#039m guessing there are a few more un-discovered / un-documented.<BR><BR>Is it safe to use a dsn-less connection to access a database containing sensitive information (customer accounts, etc.) if the potential exist for the code to be viewed (resulting in location of database, password, etc.)?

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    rajib Guest

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    no its not secured

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    GM Guest

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    I&#039ll stick with DSN then. Thank you for the reply.

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    I suggest that you filter the database ports if you use DSNless.

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    angelo Guest

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    how do you do that?

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