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    Iam using the dsn less connection for the database connectiveity i use the following simple statements to insert the data<BR>in the testinsert.asp file <BR><BR>strName="jajajaj"<BR>Set conn = Server.CreateObject ("adodb.connection")<BR>dbPath = server.mappath("..\") & "db\" & "xyz.mdb<BR>Conn.Open "PROVIDER=MICROSOFT.JET.OLEDB.4.0;DATA SOURCE=" & dbPath<BR>strInssql= "insert into TX_MIS_SUBSCRIBERS(s_subname) values (&#039"& strName & "&#039)"<BR>&#039rs.open strInssql,conn<BR> conn.execute (strInssql)<BR> <BR>I get the follwing errors <BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>Operation must use an updateable query. <BR><BR>/asp/testinsert.asp, line 13 <BR><BR><BR>please help me in this regard ... i can use the select clause not insert clause in the query <BR><BR><BR>regards<BR><BR>srinath

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    i wanna know is there any possibility to open 2 database/tables in a page...i use record set adOpenDynamic... type of cursor still i get -1 as return i have so many records in it i use ms access ..<BR>any idea<BR>muthu.com@hushmail.com

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