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    I&#039m trying to use asp to write the values of the fields, of a form to a txt file...i used the code..<BR><BR>Dim filesys, peoplefile<BR><BR>Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>Set peoplefile = _filesys.OpenTextFile(_"info.txt",_8, true)<BR><BR>peoplefile.WriteLine Request.Form("name")<BR>peoplefile.WriteLine Request.Form("surname")<BR>.....<BR>peoplefile.Clo se<BR>...<BR><BR>but when i test the form, theres an error,<BR><BR>Method Not Allowed<BR>The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /info.asp.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?<BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Default Probably showing us wrong file?

    The error probably has nothing to do with the code you show. The problem is probably coming from the &#060;FORM...&#062; on the prior page. For some reason, your system doesn&#039t think that your "/info.asp" file is a legit place to send FORM data to.<BR><BR>I would suggest that the problem might simply be that leading "/", but without seeing the prior page it is hard to guess.<BR><BR>I must also ask: What are all those underbar characters for in the line<BR> &nbsp; Set peoplefile = _filesys.OpenTextFile(_"info.txt",_8, true)<BR>??? So far as I can see, not one of them should be there.<BR><BR>ANYWAY...I think you are showing us the wrong file. I strongly suspect the problem is in the &#060;FORM...&#062; in the other file.<BR><BR><BR>

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