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    Hi All,<BR> This question may not be relevant to this forum, but I thought<BR> all "Advanced ASP Users" visit this site and I may give a shot <BR> at it.<BR> My question is.....<BR> I am an Internet developer based on Microsoft technologies.<BR> I would now like to take certification for what I know(ASP, VB, Sql Server, Com, and MTS).<BR> Can anybody suggest which is the best certification for this.<BR> Ofcourse I had a peep at MS site for this information, but as you know, the information MS provides is not concise and I would like to know from experienced users like you, what step I can take further. And also suggest some nice books to refer.<BR>As you all know that readymade information is the best stuff.<BR><BR> I am asking all this because many of you have already gone through all this process and know exactly what is required to succeed, as you did.<BR> Thanks for your time and also wish me good luck.<BR> Cheers

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    Are you working towards an MCSD?<BR>For the core exams (desktop and distributed), stick with what you know. The VB distributed exam is more related to the web, but you need both. <BR>Architecture is supposed to be the hardest, it even has a different format.<BR><BR>If you are just looking to be certified in the tools you know, try the transcenders to see how well you do before studying, if you know your tools well, you might already be ready.<BR><BR>Interdev exam is a tought one but if you work with VI every day then the outlines ("what this exam tests for") at MS can tell you where to focus when you are studying. Lots of questions about COM and MTS (a good conceptual understanding is required).<BR><BR>The SQL7 cerification has gotten complicated, I know one person who has tried one (administration I think) - tough is the word.<BR><BR>The concepts of n-tier development reappear all through the exams...<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR><BR>-Andrew<BR><BR>

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