Hi!<BR>We&#039re developing a major eCommerce project for a large corporation. They use a proxy server against internet, and this causes a big problem. If two users log on to the site we&#039ve made, they are greated with the same personalized page, because the proxy server sends the same result to the two users instead of contacting the web server which would generate a personalized page with the asp code. Any ideas on how to override such proxy settings ?? Does it matter whether we address pages relative in our code or if we give the whole url ( http://www.site.com/page vs. /page )?? <BR>The only command we know of that can ask a browser not to look in cach is : &#060;meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache"&#062; , but that is as far as we&#039ve understood only a client side command which asks the browser to ignore its cache and not the proxys...<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated !<BR><BR>Eirik KjĂžlsrud, iPares Norway