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    Is it possible to load images with ASP using an Access database with the images in a field? Does anyone know where there is an example of this type of thing being done?<BR><BR>I&#039ve thought of using the picture filename and then generating the img src tag, but using the database to load the images would seem simpler.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    I just keep file names (or paths) in the database. I keep the images in standard folder or folders and then write the tag:<BR><BR>Loop code . . .<BR>With Response<BR> .Write "&#060;a href=" & rs("PictureFileName") & "&#062;"<BR> .Write "&#060;img border=0 src=" & rs("PictureFileName") & " width=320 align=right valign=top alt=Click to view larger image.&#062;"<BR>End With<BR>Next<BR><BR>Makes for a smaller DB. The HTML does all the work like it should.

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