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    Hello,<BR>I have a recordset that I have created and I want to be able to find it from my querystring, but I am stumped...<BR>I cant add the (%%) wildcards to my SQL statement because the SQL statement is already being generated off of something else.<BR><BR>My code ia as follows:<BR>IF Ucase(Request.QueryString("keyword")) = Ucase(objRS("brand")) THEN<BR>bla bla bla<BR>END IF<BR><BR>Now I thought if I make it look like this:<BR>IF Ucase(Request.QueryString("keyword")) = %Ucase(objRS("brand"))% THEN<BR>but its not working. Can you add wildcards to a recordset?

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    Default Unfortunately, usual response...

    You *must* add the wildcards to your SQL query.<BR><BR>Period. It won&#039t work otherwise.<BR><BR>VBScript doesn&#039t even understand wildcards.<BR><BR>So what if the SQL is being generated by something else. You could change the SQL even after it is generated, couldn&#039t you?<BR><BR>I think you get the usual response...sorry about that:<BR><BR>SHOW CODE.<BR><BR>

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