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    I am still monkeying with this trying to get it to beep only if a box is empty, but it beeps wether the box is filled or not.<BR><BR>What would be a good for/in condition where I have all the ????<BR><BR><BR>&#060;script language="JavaScript" src="/validator/validate.js"&#062;&#060;/Script&#062;<BR> &#060;script language="JavaScript"&#062;&#060;!--<BR> // Generator: Validator 98function CheckForm()<BR> {<BR> for x=1 in ??????<BR> if (!IsValidDate( eval("document.forms[0].equipmentdesc" + x) ) )<BR> x=x+1<BR><BR><BR> {<BR> alert ("Please complete the Equipment Description box");<BR> return false;<BR> } <BR><BR> <BR> return true;<BR> }<BR><BR> // --&#062;&#060;/Script&#062;<BR>

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    Default You never responded to me...

    I *TOLD YOU* that I had this fixed for you!<BR><BR>But you have other mistakes on the page and it would be *MUCH EASIER* to take this offline. Just email me at and I will send you the fixes I have so far and tell you where other potential and real problems exist.<BR><BR>It&#039s just too complex to go into here in the forum. And it will probably take a half dozen or more back and forth emails.<BR><BR>

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