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    I wanted to query this in ADO:<BR><BR>SELECT MC.CCount AS CCount , MC.UserID AS CID, UserName, ID FROM (SELECT UserID, COUNT(*) AS CCount FROM Members_Cautions GROUP BY UserID) MC LEFT JOIN Members M ON MC.UserID = ID<BR><BR>But i get an error like join not supported... how can i do that?<BR>If this is meant in ther error, how can I enable outer joins?

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    Your nested SELECT is returning *two* fields. I do not believe that is legal in an outer join.<BR><BR>Is this a many-to-many join? (Looks like it.) If so, I don&#039t think you can get the outer join to work. You&#039ll probably need to create a view (or a temp table if using Access).<BR><BR>Don&#039t take my word for it...I&#039m no SQL expert. But it&#039s what a SQL expert had me do. You *might* try the "SQL Club" up on Yahoo, where a lot of heavyweight SQL people hang out. Be sure to explain *what* you are trying to accomplish (which, incidentally, you did not do here!) instead of showing non-working SQL code, which just annoys the experts.<BR><BR>

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