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    Mukesh Wani Guest

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    Are there any ASP Mailing Lists out there that I can join. I&#039m a newbie to ASP/VB.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR> Mukesh

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    Look to your left<BR>Look to your right.<BR>Now look left again and down a little. Under the "Resources" title you will see a link to ASP-related ListServs. A ListServ is a mailing list. :-)<BR><BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming,<BR><BR><BR>

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    S Nagarajan Guest

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    We have win2000 server with IIS, SQL Server, Exchange server 5.5 and we are testing our web site made on horizontal. In our site, we have eight links which will send and receive e-mail as per the links given in the site. When we test our site internally on our server which is installed on exchange server, we could be able to send only e-mail using click button in our site but ultimately no message is receiving on the exchanger server inbox area even though we have configured very well in all areas. Please tell why it is not receiving message at exchange server side eventhough we have used CDONts in our ASP page. Your immediate technical help is required.

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