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    I would like to list the directory contents of a machine other than the web server. I have tried the following:<BR><BR>fn = "\ntserver-2project35photos\" &#039does not work on a remote computer<BR>fn = "c: emp\" &#039works fine on a local folder<BR><BR>Set fso = server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR>set picfolder = fso.GetFolder(fn)<BR>Set picfiles = picfolder.files<BR><BR>for each file in picfiles<BR>Response.Write & "<BR>"<BR>next <BR><BR><BR>Is there any way to list the contents of a directory on a different machine?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Jason L

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    Do you have the permissions set properly on the other directory and files? (Remember: The Web server does *not* run with *your* username and password! So neither will anything done under its auspices, such as calls via the FSO.)<BR><BR>Have you tried doing a "map network drive" and then using a drive letter, to be sure that you have the path correct?<BR><BR>

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