Hi All,<BR><BR>I have a database with Stocks information that contains 1 table with the list of all symbols, and 1 table per symbol. I want to update this database daily and I receive an ASCII text file with delimiters, where all the stocks and their corresponding info (Open, High Low, Close, Volume) are stored.<BR>I want to read the file, insert the data into each table (e.g. INTC in INTC_table....), and if their is a symbol that is not into my Symbols_table, add and create the table to store the data.<BR>So far I have the following:<BR><BR>AddSQL = "INSERT INTO" & Import_Symbol & " (Symbol, Symbol_date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume) Values (Import_Symbol, Import_Symbol_date, Import_Open, Import_High, Import_Low, Import_Close, Import_Volume);"<BR><BR>Note:<BR>- Import_xxx are values that I want to retrieve from the text file.<BR>- AddSQL is run in a loop that read all the symbol from the text file<BR><BR>Problem:<BR>- How can I read this text file?<BR>- How can I check if it contains new stocks that are not into the Symbols_table?<BR>- How can I create a new table when need (in SQL)?<BR><BR>I hope it explains clearly my inquiry, but if you have questions, email me at: ontheave@yahoo.com<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>Gab<BR>ontheave@yahoo.com