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    Jeff Bean Guest

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    How do you write the path in hyperlink tag so the links work when using on a web server and when using locally. I have a sight that has links to pictures on it and I would like to burn on a cd and be able to view it from the cd.

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    As long as the directory structure on the CD is exactly the same as the one on the web server you can accomplish what you want by using relative references. <BR><BR>ex.<BR>&#060;a href="graphics/image.gif"&#062; <BR>instead of <BR>&#060;a href=""&#062;<BR><BR>This would point to an image file named "image.gif" located in a a subdirectory named "graphics".

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    Jon ( Guest

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    rather than including the whole address, http://www.etc just add the necessary directories.<BR><BR>eg: Say you have your page in your root directory and images in a directory called &#039images&#039. Link to the images like so &#060;img src="images/name.gif"&#062;<BR><BR>It&#039s the same with pages, if you have pages in other directories link using just them... eg: &#060;a href="html/index.asp"&#062;<BR><BR>Also: If the above page &#039index.asp&#039 inside the &#039html&#039 directory needs images from the directory &#039images&#039 you can use &#060;img src="../images/name.gif"&#062; (ie: ../ takes it back one!)<BR><BR>If you set your site up like this it will would the same on your web server, hard drive and on a CD.<BR><BR>If this didn&#039t answer your question.... reply and I&#039ll try again.<BR><BR>Jon

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