ADO Mail and Submition to DB

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Thread: ADO Mail and Submition to DB

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    Ronnie Brown Guest

    Default ADO Mail and Submition to DB

    I have a vague idea how to do both (extract data from a form and send it either via email or into a database) but is it possible to do both from the same data and the same submit button?

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    Sateesh Guest

    Default Why not

    why not you can do both, sending mails dosent affects storing the data in the database both or two seperate instances.<BR><BR>Step 1: Extract the data from the submitted form<BR>Step 2: Send the mail using any of the cdonts or outlook or with the datbase store procedures (if u r using database store procedure step 3 becomes step2)<BR>Step 3: store the data in the databas using the ado object

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