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    We have just got a new SQLserver Machine. Before this SQlserver was running on the webserver. <BR>This has created me two problems and I was wondering if any one can shed some light on it.<BR>1. Having imported the Old database into the new one, it imported accross all the data, however it decided to import the unique ID accross as numbers, not as an auto generating ID. I realised this when the auto number that I put back in then started at 1 again. This database links tables together using Unique ID&#039s. This means that to fix the problem, I have to restart the ID by deleting the Column, then write down by hand what the items ID used to be, so I can re link them again using there new ID&#039s in a linking table. If I have to do this for every database on the SQLServer I shall go mad. Is there an easier way to mirate a database and keep the ID&#039s and the thing that counts what ID its up to?<BR><BR>2. Having transfered one database to the new server, and reset th ODBC to point to it, its running like a SLUG. The new SQL Sever is a new machine, much better than the webserver, and yet it is having real problems with any tables with alot of records in. It takes ages and ages to put something on the screen. Would the Network be the cause of this, or is there anyway in SQLserver you can speed it up with different settings?

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    Scott S Guest

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    Well i was surprised when i read your post. I didnt think SQL Server would do that. I used DTS to send one table to a new database & sure enough the IDENTITY had been taken off the column. I looked at the table found the last item or identity value 575 in this case. I then went to design table (for the new table where identity had been removed). I set the PROGID Field (where identity had been) and turned Identity back on. I put 576 in as a seed value & it seems to work perfectly. <BR><BR>Basically reset identity on the new table, specify the last record + 1 as the seed value & continue as if nothing had happend<BR><BR> Give this a shot. <BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>Scott S

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    Jay Austin Guest

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    if you are transfering a entire DB from one server to another, why not use the sp_detachdb and sp_attachdb system stored procedures. Run the detach, copy the mdf and ldf files, and reattach it.

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