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    Can somebady tell me how can i convert my entire database in Ms access into a plain text file and vice versa.<BR>my main problem is how can i know the structure on the Acess database if its unknowm to me!<BR>a reasponse mail at will bw highly appriciated<BR>regards<BR>Vishal

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    Well, if it is a complete database, then you don&#039t WANT to convert it into a single text file.<BR><BR>Reason: A single database can, rather obviously, contain many tables. And *each* of those tables will have its own unique structure, likely quite different from any of its fellows. It would be real tough to produce a single text file that could meaningfully represent *all* the tables in a database.<BR><BR>Now, converting a single table to a text file is pretty easy. But the real problem you have if you do that is you *LOSE A LOT* of valuable DB information. Such as which fields are indexes, what the contraints are on each field, etc., etc. *COULD* you produce a text file that would do its best to remember all these details? Yes, but then you&#039d have to also carefully design the program that read the text file and tried to reconstruct the table. And if we are talking about foreign keys, for example, then you must restore *all* the tables in the proper order or the keys won&#039t match.<BR><BR>In general, then, you find that most people only "dump" tables to text files in the simplest possible forms: Perhaps only making distinctions between text, numeric, and date fields. And then, when the tables are reconstructed, the resultant database "works" but may not be nearly as efficient as the database the tables were originally found in.<BR><BR>SO...<BR><BR>Rather than go further down this very, very complex path, maybe I should ask you *WHAT* are you *REALLY* trying to do?<BR><BR>

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