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    Hey all... <BR><BR>Have a couple questions... kinda hoping that some kind soul will be able to help out here... <BR><BR>I intent to have a access database uploaded to a server... and I&#039ve been having difficulty trying to establish a connection from my ASP page to it. I&#039ve looked at a couple of sample codes for adding records... and they have indicated their database to be on the C:. I&#039m not really sure at all what to use as the location for my database. Is it possible in this case to do a DSNless connection? <BR><BR>And also, I can&#039t seem to get my pws to work. There&#039s always this error message that &#039Cannot find server - The page cannot be displayed&#039. So what can I do to get it to work? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help. ^_^<BR>

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    for the first question - Whenever I start a new site on an unfamiliar server, i always run an ASP script to get all the Request.ServerVariables values - that way you&#039ll know if you&#039re on C: or D: or whatever<BR><BR>second question, not much i can do without more info. have you tried viewing via http://localhost/ , http://&#060;machinename&#062;/ , and ?<BR><BR>j

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