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    I thought that when you passed a query string...You separated name/value pairs with ? and could access via request object...<BR><BR>Here&#039s my function call:<BR><BR>onClick="return utlBrowserRedirect(&#039ProductsMasterView.ASP?Cur rentPage=1?Selection=AllCurrent&#039)"<BR><BR>Funt ion just redirects via window.location.href:<BR><BR>function utlBrowserRedirect(tcVar)<BR>{<BR> window.location.href(tcVar);<BR>}<BR><BR>When I do a response.write(Request.QueryString())...I get<BR>1?Selection=AllCurrent...<BR><BR>How do I pass correctly...???...I&#039ve looked around and can&#039t find example of passing multiple query string elements...<BR><BR>Thanx in Advance...

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    hi i think how can ewe pass mutilpe values in querystring<BR>it like this<BR>&#039ProductsMasterView.ASP?CurrentPage=cu rrent1&secodname=secondvalue&thirdname=3rdvalue"<B R>like that using& operator ucan concate the multiple values

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    You used ? to seperate your different elements. To rewrite your querystring: page.asp?CurrentPage=1&Selection=AllCurrent<BR><BR >so use & to seperate your values instead.

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