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    A friend of mine said that he read an article that gave a tutorial on how to allow a user to uplaod image files to a web site using asp without giving server permission passwords to the user and without some sort of FTP being on the users machine.<BR><BR>Is that possible and can anyone point me to a tutorial or example of this? I searched here but came up dry with the way I was searching.

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    There are lots of ways to upload files. From your description, the best you can get is to be able to upload via an http form, but only to a directory within the web site iteself, and only where the IUSR_MACHINE has access to write/create files. There are work arrounds: like you can give IUSR access to the rest of the machine (i think).<BR><BR>Two objects that meet this description are aspupload (from aspupload.com) and safileup (from softartisans).

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    I think there is 1 at www.asptoday.com.<BR>The auhtor is Mr Philippe Collignon

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