Anything like eval in VB?

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Thread: Anything like eval in VB?

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    ChadJ Guest

    Default Anything like eval in VB?

    I am trying to write a component in VB, and I need the eval functionality. Any ideas?

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    SPG Guest

    Default No, not really.

    It has to do with the fact that VB compiles down into a (sort-of) portable .DLL. If you were to VB-Evaluate a command at run-time, you&#039d have to have a VB compiler on the machine where it was running. You&#039d also have to -really- hate good performance (launching a compiler in the middle of a run?), but that&#039s beside the point -- the #1 point is that a VB compiler isn&#039t assured on the server, so an "eval" function isn&#039t available.<BR><BR>[This is why the eval function is available in many scripting languages -- the compiler is already up and running, so you know it&#039s there and it&#039s less of a burden than it normally would be. To that end, you might try attaching a Windows Script Component (this *might* work) which can take whatever at run time, eval it and be done. Of course, this will 86 your performance -- and have the added overhead of information being passed from the VB object to the WSH object and back again -- but that&#039s your issue.]

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    ChadJ Guest

    Default RE: No, not really.

    Thanks for the response! I sorta figured that it would have something to do with the compiler but figured that I would work around using the VBScript library...<BR><BR>

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