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    jv Guest

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    Hi,<BR>In my site, for accessing to certain pages the user should be a registered user. So from that page they will be redirected to a page where their authentication is verified. If he is not a registered user he will be redirected to the registeration page. Now my problem is i have to make the user to go back to the page which made him to verify his authentication.<BR><BR><BR>How to achieve this<BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    Bob A Guest

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    *<BR>Put following line of code at beginning of asp page<BR><BR>&#060;%Response.Buffer = True%&#062;<BR> <BR>then someplace in your asp page do something like this<BR><BR>If InSecurityTable.EOF then<BR> &#039 the below line was just for testing<BR> Response.Write "&#060;p&#062;" & "NO SECURITY RECORDS FOUND" & "&#060;/p&#062;"<BR> swt = "E"<BR> Session("swt") = swt<BR> Response.Redirect("Logon1.asp")<BR>End if<BR><BR>Hope this is what you want<BR>

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    MG Guest

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    response.redirect "somepage.asp"

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    jv Guest

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    I do know from which page the user is coming for so it is not possible to give the file name in response.redirect. The scenerio is this<BR><BR>The user wants to access sample.asp. When he clicks on that he will be taken to a page where his authentication should be verified. let it be authentication.asp. If he is not registered he will be taken to register.asp, once he registers he should be taken to sample.asp not to authentication.asp. How to do this?

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