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    RipCat Guest

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    I am needing to pull a set of records from a table...Then I need to print them...I know I can load table with records and then user can hit print from browser...Problem is length of time takes to load say 4000 records...Also don&#039t want user to have to print each page that is broken down into groups of 25, etc...<BR><BR>How do I print a recordset from within ASP...Could someone point me to a good article, etc that explains...<BR><BR>Thanx in advance...<BR><BR>RipCat

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    You could try using something like Seagate Crystal Reports. It&#039s not cheap, but it does give you proper report formatting over the web. Their web site has some examples - and no I don&#039t work for them :)

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